• 杨学增:决赛会展现最好的一面

    'Women!' he muttered angrily, sloshing down the rain-washed street with his hands in his pockets. 'What did she want to talk about Cedric for, anyway? Why does she always want to drag up a subject that makes her act like a human hosepipe?'

  • 拉什福德将在周五迎来国家队首秀

    By mid-morning enormous signs had been put up all over the school, not just on house noticeboards, but in the corridors and classrooms too.

  • 格里芬左腿股四头肌酸痛,退出比赛

    Well, bring her along if you must,' said Hermione urgently. 'But will you come?'

  • 斯波:韦德最后一攻被犯规了

    'Are you coming?' Harry asked Ron, but he shook his head, looking glum.

  • 担心恐怖袭击!博阿滕:我不会让家人去欧洲杯

    They sat down at the last remaining table, which was over by the steamy window. Roger Davies, the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, was sitting about a foot and a half away with a pretty blonde girl. They were holding hands. The sight made Harry feel uncomfortable, particularly when, looking around the teashop, he saw that t was full of nothing but couples, all of them holding hands. Perhaps Cho would expect him to hold her hand.

  • 格林:汤普森是联盟最佳得分后卫

    ' "Important stories he thinks the public needs to know", eh?' she said witheringly. 'I could manure my garden with the contends of that rag.'

  • 查默斯现场观看热火和黄蜂比赛

    They entered the Great Hall for breakfast at exactly the same moment as the post owls on Monday morning. Hermione was not the only person eagerly awaiting her Daily Prophet: nearly everyone was eager for more news about the escaped Death Eaters, who, despite many reported sightings, had still not been caught. She gave the delivery owl a Knut and unfolded the newspaper eagerly while Harry helped himself to orange juice; as he had only received one note during the entire year, he was sure, when the first owl landed with a thud in front of him, that it had made a mistake.